Our Ragdoll kittens are bred for a sweet and loving temperament. They are purebred registered with both the CFA and TICA registry associations. We strive to retain the fun loving enthusiasm without being overly exuberant. This breed is both affectionate and playful. At home and in command of all situations, whether it be a photo shoot or your cocktail party full of "interested guests" our Ragdolls shine in any circumstance.

These kitten's lovely coat do not tangle. Shedding is minimal, grooming is greatly reduced, meaning less work for you. We raise seal, blue, chocolate, red (flame), tortie, and lynx point, in color pointed, mitted and bi-color patterns. We even have F-4 flame/tortie and lynx point Ragdolls. 

Possibly one of the most playful and outgoing of the long haired breeds contact us about what makes owning a Ragdoll so special. We are "Code of Ethics" members of Ragdoll International, Ragdolls USA, and RFCW, but hold ourselves to the even higher standards of the European Ragdoll Organizations and have had a Board Certified Cardiologist test our cats with a Color Doppler Echo-Cardiogram - Additionally ALL Breeding Parents have been DNA tested as NEGATIVE for both of the 2 variants of the gene for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy as well as a panel of other cat genetic diseases. This is important to know this before mating when you value raising Happy, Healthy, New Family Members !

Having more than 32 years breeding experience, we will provide you with a Ragdoll kitten that is the most healthy and pleasurable addition to your family possible.

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