Remember the beautiful Siamese cat you grew up with? Appalled with the cats you've recently seen in cat shows and for sale elsewhere? We trace our CFA registered purebred "Old Style" Siamese pedigrees directly back nearly 60 years; back to the day when the Traditional Siamese was the most popular cat in America. Wondering what happened and how you might find a addition to your family for an old friend who was so loyal and lovable, and with the big round Apple Head and big blue eyes ? 

Many times referred to as "the Thai Dog" in it's homeland, this friendly, intelligent original can rapidly be trained to come to its name or a whistle, will play fetch and do so many other things you did not think possible of a cat. 

Did you know that the Original Old Style Siamese was the foundation for 14 different contemporary breeds. Why is it she is still the longest lived of all the different breeds? What is it about Traditional Style of Breeding that yields a happier, healthier, longer-lived cat ?

You can still own one of these true treasures of yesteryear. We are committed to raising the Traditional Old Style Siamese so that new generations of Siamese Lovers can enjoy this special breed.

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Is this the kind of Siamese that brings back those memories ?

This is the rare "Old-Style Siamese" the "Original Siamese" also lovingly referred to as "Applehead or Traditional" Siamese

This is a postage stamp from Thailand (Siam) circa 1995. The Thai government feels so strongly about the the Original Siamese that they have a state sponsored project to continue and maintain the Traditional Siamese and it's gene pool.

Do you still remember Pywacket, Kim's "enchanting" Traditional Siamese ?

Want to travel back in time a little further ?

This a photo of Romeo & Juliet, purebred "Old-Style Siamese" 

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