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Searching for the purrr-fect kitten for your family? Why not one of our purebred CFA registered Old Style Balinese?


Investigate the cat that stays a kitten well into it's teens, has captivating electric blue eyes, has a silky soft non-matting nor shedding coat. Will retrieve and come to it's name like a puppy. Loves other cats, dogs and kids and is not bothered by noise, activity or a busy household.


These Balinese cats are just such a breed - actually it is a longer-haired refinement of the original Old Style Siamese sometimes referred to as Applehead Traditional, is a genetic subset. This is a very hardy, healthy choice, one that will fit into any lifestyle. This is a loving lap cat for either a one person home or a multi-person situation. The best part is that the Balinese has all of these wonderful characteristics with so much intelligence and little work.


All my spoiled Traditional Balinese kittens are raised in our home with other kittens and older cats and "Paco and Darla" our "cat-sized Chihuahua dogies" . My home is like "DisneyWorld for Cats" and by allowing the kittens to experience differing and increasing challenges & situations and always prevailing these "Champions" will adapt your individual home situation with ease.


These photos of my kittens and cats should help you confirm the differences in colors and markings at different ages and life stages and help to give you a better understanding.


I raise only a select few kittens each year and could not give them all the individual love and attention they deserve if I did have all of these kittens available at any point in time.


Please contact me if you find one or more of the kitten photos interesting, we will try and be the Purrfect Matchmaker !



This letter is a recommendation for anyone interested in adopting kittens from Bea & Charles  Dore'.


I own 3 of her kittens (actually, they own me!). The kittens are about 7 months old now and are adorable, precious, friendly, affectionate, totally healthy, and just beautiful. I have a seal point Siamese and 2 mink Tonkinese.


Marcie Gorman,

Palm Beach, Florida


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The top photos on our pages are stock representations of  breed ideals and characteristics.
All other photos are our own bred cats and kittens.

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