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Take a Tour of Our Home


Welcome to my home!

I take great pride in keeping my home immaculate inside and out,

it is what I prefer and it is also what is best for our feline friends as well.


And our kitties enjoy someone new coming to visit . . .

someone else to play with !

I would love to have you come and visit in person.



Just because I have cats doesn't mean that my house has to smell like a litter box ! If you get the opportunity to visit my home, it is probably as clean and fresh as your own; and it is assuring to know that my home is a Veterinarian Inspected/Supervised "Cattery of Excellence"

and I scored a perfect 100% on my last two check-ups !


I pride myself on keeping a clean, healthy, and energetic environment for our curious friends. We've got cat trees and toys and all kind of neat things for our Spoiled Babies to enjoy !

Some folks have said it is like Disney World for cats,  . . . .


We love our home here in La Belle . . . though our kitties NEVER go outside they enjoy the birds that come to the bird feeders nearby, and with all the oak trees there are lots of squirrel families

and the cutest armadillos . . . we've even had native deer and wild piglets come and visit - and this is still right here in south Florida - we have 100 year old native oaks, peaches, tropical bananas and fruit trees - it really is quite amazing.


 I like to provide my cats with lots of places to play. Notice that I have nice furniture and that it is not all scratched up, with one of my kittens you can also ! Lots of knick knacks and "things" sharing spaces with my cats and kittens - while enjoying playing throughout the house they quickly learn what is right and the word "No !" because they always want to please me.


All my kittens have been using their sisal wrapped scratching posts since they were 6 or 7 weeks old . . . I have been raising my Spoiled Babies for 32 years and learned a long time ago that if you have something that they like and focus on that is dis-similar from your furniture you won't have any casualties . . .

and they are already used to having their "pedicures" (usually in the evenings while we are all here in the living room watching TV).


Our cat trees all have removable zippered fleece beds that are soooooo comfy

but can also go in the washer and dryer if need be . . . The are the finest available anywhere and custom built and factory direct from our good friend

Wolfgang ! They go from mild to WILD . . . . our Spoiled Babies really like the smaller ones named Aunt Bea's Mayberry Lodge it has a sturdy play box with two sisal columns with both a sleeper and a hammock. They have been using their cat tree since they were about 6 week old - there is one in my bathroom and Mom likes the top sleeper when wants to be by herself.


While enjoying playing throughout the house they quickly learn what is right and the word "No !" because they always want to please me.


Our cats are all very well behaved... but they haven't lost their playful purrrsonalities.


What would Disney World for cats be without SeaWorld . . . .

and with ample perches for observation


Lokey and all our Spoiled Babies love their DrinkwWell Pet Fountain . . .

a Veterinarian designed it to encourage better water consumption so that Kitties would Live Longer ! Since our kitties enjoy eating their Royal Canin Kitten 36 dry kibble free-choice whenever they want throughout the day . . .


Thank you for taking the time to visit my home. I would love for you to call or

make arrangements to visit and get to know all of us a little better.

We hope you enjoyed this little tour of my home, we hope this tour gave you a

better sense of the environment in which your kitten is being raised.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask...

Thanks again !


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The top photos on our pages are stock representations of  breed ideals and characteristics.
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