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Many times referred to as "the Thai Dog" in it's homeland, this friendly, intelligent original can rapidly be trained to come to its name or a whistle, will play fetch and do so many other things you did not think possible of a cat.


Did you know that the Original Old Style Siamese was the foundation for 14 different contemporary breeds. Why is it she is still the longest lived of all the different breeds? What is it about Traditional Style of Breeding that yields a happier, healthier, longer-lived cat .


Remember the beautiful Siamese cat you grew up with? Appalled with the cats you've recently seen in cat shows and for sale elsewhere? We trace our CFA registered purebred "Old Style" Siamese pedigrees directly back nearly 60 years; back to the day when the Traditional Siamese was the most popular cat in America.

Wondering what happened and how you might find a addition to your family for an old friend who was so loyal and lovable, and with the big round Apple Head and big blue eyes ?


You can still own one of these true treasures of yesteryear. We are committed to raising the Traditional Old Style Siamese so that new generations of Siamese Lovers can enjoy this special breed.

These photos of my kittens and cats should help you confirm the differences in colors and markings at different ages and life stages and help to give you a better understanding.


I raise only a select few kittens each year and could not give them all the individual love and attention they deserve if I did have all of these kittens available at any point in time.


Please contact me if you find one or more of the kitten photos interesting, we will try and be the Purrfect Matchmaker !





Loki is gorgeous. He has grown a lot, as you would expect, and has adapted well to the family. His house manners have been perfect from day one and he seems to love us as much as we do him.



Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


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The top photos on our pages are stock representations of  breed ideals and characteristics.
All other photos are our own bred cats and kittens.

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